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CBNU – SW Med.: Joint Development Agreement
관리자| 2020-09-25| Views : 2455



Chungbuk National University (CBNU) signed a business agreement with Sungwon Medical Co., Ltd. on the 5th floor of the university headquarters. This agreement was prepared for joint development of next-generation medical devices and fostering manpower of core technologies based on the independent infrastructure of both CBNU and Sungwon Medical Co., Ltd. At Chungbuk National University, several professors including President Kim, Su Kab and 15 representatives including President Lee, Dae Hee from Sungwon Medical Co., Ltd. attended the Joint Development Agreement Event.

In the future, both institutions will provide the followings: 1) education and advisory support on the development of domestic medical catheter and medical device and human resource development; 2) joint research or academic support for clinical and basic fields related to domestic medical catheter and medical device; 3) regular undergraduate program of medical school and medical school Human resource training (practical training, off-campus education), etc.; 4) Co-operation with R & D such as joint technology development related to human medical device development, patent and technology transfer; 5) Cooperative cooperation in medical device industrialization, clinical trial, etc.

President Lee, Dae Hee from Sungwon Medical Co., Ltd. said, “We will try to bring the world-class products to the global market in the future with CBNU with excellent human infrastructure and technology.”  Moreover, Kim, Su Kab, president of Chungbuk National University (CBNU), replied, “We believe that outstanding students from CBNU will have a lot of great opportunities in the excellent leveled companies in the Chungbuk Province, such as Sungwon Medical Co., Ltd.” “Let’s work together for the development of both CBNU and Sungwon Medical Co,. Ltd.”




Following the agreement, Sungwon Medical Co., Ltd. also donated 15 million won (KRW) of development fund to Chungbuk National University Medical School for its students and development.