CEO Message

CEO Message Welcome to Sungwon Medical Co., Ltd.

Welcome to SUNGWON MEDICAL Co., Ltd.
Sungwon Medical Co., Ltd., which is working hard today for a better medical environment tomorrow in
the new 21st century, is a specialized company that produces and sells various hospital medical devices.

Founded in January 1996, it succeeded in localizing Central Venous Catheter (C.V.C)
and Drainage Catheter for the first time in Korea.

Sungwon Medical Co., Ltd. is striving to develop new medical products for public health
and is setting a new mid- and long-term vision goal of growing into Korea's best
biotechnology and medical company.

The present results have already been given with the goal of producing high-quality,
high-level medical devices that can provide convenience and efficiency of product use
to medical staff who are direct customers in the medical field, and comfort and
psychological stability to indirect customers receiving treatment.
In order to create a new satisfaction for the future that is not settled on,
the planning, development research team, and production departments are united in
unity and are doing their best at this moment.