Company Overview


We specifically design and produce the safest and most innovative devices which are
available for the improvement of vascular access.
The new Sungwon Central Venous Catheter stands for medical royalty the patients.

  • Company
    Sungwon Medical Co., Ltd.
  • Registration
  • Vision
    Bio-technology and
    medical firms in domestic

The most important value for a human being : happiness based on health.

  • Global Leader
    Sungwon Medical Company is pursuing its 21st century vision Of becoming a truly global medical device leader that can make its customer’s happy throughout the world by means of Its innovative medical device products and services.
  • New Product Development
    Sungwon Medical Company keeps aggressively investing in R&D and new medical products for people’s health. Sungwon Medical Company has set a new mid-term and long term vision, aiming to achieve a position as one of the top Biotechnology and medical firms in domestic by 2025.
  • Next Generation Leadership
    As such, we are embracing the philosophy of “innovative People” whereby only Innovative people can create an innovative company, and pursue two growth strategies involving “fast innovation” and “fast growth.” Likewise, we seek to secure three core capabilities product leadership, market leadership, and people-centered leadership.